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tv   Headline News  RT  July 5, 2013 4:00pm-4:31pm EDT

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well many americans enjoyed some fourth of july fireworks and barbecue and many others took the streets to highlight the freedoms under the siege by the u.s. government coming up next we'll bring you the sights and sounds from this anti n.s.a. demonstration. and those anti demonstrate demonstrations are just the tip of the iceberg privacy rights groups are convinced the n.s.a. spy programs are designed to protect americans from terrorists and facts some are willingly move to legally challenge the u.s. government more on that story straight ahead. featured remains as state of crisis africa for after president mohamed morsi was forced out of office today morsi supporters and the muslim brotherhood find themselves at all odds with not only opposition protesters but also troops.
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it's friday july fifth four pm in washington d.c. i'm margaret how we are watching r t we begin with a global protest and response to the n.s.a. sweeping surveillance programs revealed by former cia employee edward snowden the rallies dubbed restore the fourth took place yesterday on independence day and day when americans celebrate the birth of their country and newfound freedoms the release took place across major u.s. cities and other countries protesters took to the streets to voice their anger and distrust over the u.s. government surveillance activities. nearly a month ago edward snowden revealed that the n.s.a. has been tracking cell phone calls monitoring e-mail and internet traffic of every american since those bombshell leaks many americans have been outraged by the government spy program r.t.s. very important i was at the restore the fourth protest in new york and brings us
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that story. on the birthday of america's independence hundreds are taking to the streets in new york city and throughout the country to take part in the restore the fourth rally this is a campaign that watched last month in the aftermath of edward snowden's revelations about america's spying program a program that has shocked those living in the united states and those around the world now the restore the fourth aims to offer she would restore the fourth feel of rights which protects us citizens from the not lawful search and seizure is the purpose of this rally organizers say is to spread awareness and spur political action against unconstitutional spying by the us government press freedom advocates that we spoke with say that these protests are crucial because mainstream media is not adequately covering the n.s.a. leaks and their importance to everyday citizens i believe that the fourth amendment
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is being breached by only the government but by the police with search and seizure with the n.s.a. leaks and everything that's been coming out even though they say that there's laws that make everything they do legal it seems like legal gymnastics to me i voted for obama twice i donated twice but i'm tired of the expansion of these programs that seem to violate our rights it really frighten me that the director of national intelligence lied to congress and i haven't really been any repercussions we're living in the midst of the of the largest. you know unreasonable search and seizure system we've ever seen in the history of mankind completely suspicion less search and seizure of our information and that people should be infuriated that this crowd has marched more than a kilometer is down manhattan was empty here at federal hall the first congress passed the bill of rights in addition to this event more than five hundred thousand people have signed an online petition stop watching dr demanding full disclosure of
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all. and i say programs now although this rally may be over those participating in it say that their campaign is just beginning from new york marina porter nine. nearly two weeks after snowden's revealing leaks president obama publicly said that the n.s.a. spy programs were in fact transparent and were even created to protect americans from potential terrorist attacks but the question on the minds of some privacy rights groups is this can the government legally do this with me to discuss this very topic as heidi because she's the author of the book spying on democracy and government surveillance corporate power and public resistance she's also the executive director of the national lawyers guild hi there heidi so we saw some people take to the streets yesterday to protest the n.s.a. surveillance programs do you think this was representative of how americans perceive these n.s.a. programs. i think the more revelations that come out every day of the more upset
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americans are going to be at the violations of our fourth amendment and the chilling effect really that this vast information gathering program has on how people communicate with each other how members of the press communicate with their anonymous sources and how really we operate as a democracy. well heidi your attorney tell me is there a legal argument that would stand against the u.s. serbia wing its own citizens and if so what is it. it's definitely the fourth amendment provision as you mentioned against unreasonable searches and seizures we have checks and balances in place to go before a magistrate or a neutral judge to get a warrant that's what this country was founded on what are our colonists rebelled against the notion that the british could come into houses and search really with impunity looking for something without any show that something wrong had happened
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so what we're seeing now really is blanket searches and tracking of information regardless of whether the government is listening in to the contents they can definitely track relationships associations in violation of our privacy without any suspicion that something unlawful has occurred and that in and of itself is a breach of our constitution. why do you think that americans are ok with arguably what is an assault on their first and fourth amendment rights by their own government. i think that the government is saying that a lot of these programs must be conducted in secrecy one of the problems is that about seventy percent of our intelligence gathering is actually conducted not by the government by bye bye by private corporations our elected leaders have no. no idea really of how these programs operate that means they're not accountable and
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private contractors for example can act with impunity probably going beyond the letter of the law because they're not being monitored by our elected officials that is a serious problem obama is operating in great secrecy classifying millions of documents and even two years ago signing in the executive order calling on government employees to turn each other in if they engage in what he calls suspicious behavior that creates a climate in which people do not feel free to talk openly and i think it also is dangerous to our security because it means that. people working in government are free to explore thinking outside of the box to solve problems and so we're operating essentially in a climate of fear. well heidi i'm sure that you saw it as most americans did national intelligence director james clapper first denied any government
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surveillance was going on even later apologized for making an erroneous statement did he lie before congressional leaders and if so when is he going to be held accountable. i think that all of our elected officials including president obama need to be held accountable i'm hoping that this surge of public protest is just sparking the beginning really of raising the national consciousness that our leaders have in fact misrepresented the truth or outright lied and they do so exploiting fears of terrorism. calling even our allies in the european union perspective terrorists and really have using that to justify this mass surveillance apparatus so with public outrage hopefully the public will the elected officials will start to tell the truth. the french newspaper le monde reported this week that france is employing an n.s.a.
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program look similar to ours here in the united states what do you make of that. well i think that it would be naive to think that other countries aren't conducting this kind of surveillance given the rapid developments in technology and the use of sharing information and monitoring individuals to look for potential threats the problem i think with the u.s. program is that it's so massive in scope that it is we're now aware surveilling other countries including our allies and that really without. sensible intelligence analyst who are accountable to the government to look at the information in a way that i don't think they can do now given the scope of how much they were massing i think that we have to really take a look at how intelligence is gathered who does it and the role of corporations in that ok heidi we're running out of time i want to get to these next quickly
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americans have since learned that at least nine internet companies submitted to government surveillance servers including google microsoft yahoo facebook you tube skype a.o.l. and apple is there any way for these businesses to fight back against these request . well that i think highlights the problem that corporations are accountable really to their shareholders so the bottom line is what drives them the government is supposed to be accountable to the public welfare we've long known that corporations have worked for the n.s.a. over the last couple of decades in developing the programs they now use to data mine i think that again public outrage is critical if people say i'm taking my business elsewhere we want you to change your policies businesses should respond ok heidi i have one final question for you why do you think that the narrative specifically of our national media is so focused on the whistleblower himself outward snowden rather than the bombshell information concerning the u.s. government has spied on its own citizens why do you why do you think they care
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about him and not necessarily what the n.s.a. is. doing it's a distraction because most of the media in this country unfortunately is run by a few large corporate conglomerates that's why it's so important to have independent journalists and. public accountability in journalism and again it's in the hands of a very few powerful companies that's a problem. really appreciate you weighing in and we have to leave it there that was heidelberg ocean executive director of the national lawyers guild but libyan president evo morales said that he's weighing the possibility of closing the u.s. embassy in bolivia after his plane was grounded earlier this week upon suspicion that n.s.a. leaker edward snowden was on board take a listen. we will clearly examine and if it's necessary we will close the u.s. embassy in bolivia we do not need the american embassy we don't need their
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cooperation or diplomatic relations with them while they conspire against us from within our country and from the outside my hand won't shake to close the u.s. embassy we've got dignity we've got sovereignty without the us we're better politically and democratically without the i.m.f. and world bank we're better economically so we do not need them. but american leaders from argentina ecuador through a number europe way in venezuela met with morales in bolivia yesterday to discuss that issue the president had demanded an apology from france italy portugal and spain for refusing the bolivian leader the right to fly in their airspace on tuesday until it was confirmed that snowden was not on board his plane morella spent thirteen hours in the austrian airport waiting for clearance to fly the bolivian president blamed washington saying that the u.s. forced the european countries to then i have airspace request meanwhile michael
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moore took to twitter and gave him advice to the president we're all a suggesting that he quote fly back to moscow to now pick up snowden and take him out of there and dare europe to stop him no word yet if the bolivian president has seen morris tweet. and now to egypt where a crackdown of the muslim brotherhood movement has turned violent after the military ousting of president mohamed morsi on wednesday supporters for morsi took to the streets to reject the military overthrow of the islamic president and his replacement by a top judge the egyptian military is accused as accused of staging a coup to oust morsi wednesday as millions took to the streets calling for his removal all the months or chairman of the supreme constitutional court was sworn in as interim and president yesterday he promised new elections and encouraged the revolutionaries who helped topple morsi to continue to protest party's policy clear as in egypt and brings us the latest. the competition took place as
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a group of demonstrators pushed their way forward to the headquarters of the republican side building now one time witnesses and one of those killed managed to put up a toast to the post president on the call why it surrounding this building when he was shuttling hey did you believe that president morsi and some sixty five members of peace comes to condiment are common people inside to be faithful to the building be on me however has denied using live ammunition if it's only used blank rounds and can't get the interior ministry to say that they know dates were planted in front of the building all of this happening on a friday also would take action there are mass demonstrations happening across egypt the muslim brotherhood in the numbers people have called for the supporters to take to speak to you it's great they can go against the wall street the same way to present a getting high but there are valid protests gathering and not to be meticulous to
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continue to round up the muslim brotherhood leadership they are a great warrant for something we hunted top infamous figures we know that dozens of them have a baby being arrested and many of them are in hiding fearing that the hunt for them is on this city and. the pains of deja vu i mean it was only two years ago that hosni mubarak was ousted from power and now this is the same happening with his case to the point where the need to be made that mohamed morsi was elected by democracy that is the point he continues to make the point the court has continued to shout and they say that the only way to get rid of a democratically elected president is at the ballot box and also make the point that he's only been in power pulled one you know and that he inherited a system that was internally corrupt any needs to be given a full term of office to deal with as the entire country is in a state. that the police had ice and they presence particularly in the north and south sinai and in the sewage earlier this morning there was an attack on an
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airport base egypt has also closed its border with gaza fearing that about myself and further attacks from there so we're talking about a country that is not only facing internal division that it's not anything in terms of protests but it's also great from its borders. it was artie's policy clear. so they marks the one hundred fiftieth day of a hunger strike underway among one hundred six of one hundred sixty six detainees at guantanamo detention facility here's that are to hear it r t we've been following that hunger strike since it began in february prisoners are accusing their guards of worsening treatment and abusive tactics amid calls calls to close the facility president obama if you recall promised to close the detention facility before assuming office and especially enjoy for the folks for closing the prison but again in his position on monday however little has changed with more on how the continuing hunger strike is affecting those detainees here is our she is guy and
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chicken is reporting. the you want costly us to stop force feeding guantanamo hunger strikers that practice is against international law and is seen by many as a form of torture and here is why first the guards strap the detainee down to a chair like this one then they put a mask over his face so that the detainee can't move bite or spit then the nurse snakes the feeding tube into a nasal cavity the feeding tube which is roughly the size of a pen and ink cartridge or this all this is not an actual feeding tube but it gives you an idea and this area is very rich in nerve endings and patients report extreme pain during the procedure and the nurse pushes the troop further down the throat creating a tightness that makes breathing difficult at that point patients typically feel pressure on their chest and long some say it feels like they were drowning then the staff tapes the troop to the detainees knows so that they can bite
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or swallow it and then two cans of nutritional substances are being funneled through the tube now we wrote to guantanamo and asked whether they use an anesthetic for this seemingly painful procedure here's the response typically not however it is available if the detainees request that most detainees prefer to use standard all of oral to lubricate the two you west of the shells are trying to make it sound like it's not as bad but here is how one of the detainees a yemeni man somewhere nadji all house on the bell describes what force feeding actually feels like i will never forget the first time they passed the feeding tube up my nose i can't describe how painful it is to be force fed this way as it was thrust it made me feel like throwing up i wanted to vomit but i couldn't there was good in my chest throat and stomach i had never experienced such pain before and would not wish this cruel punishment upon anyone we also asked the kuantan official
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how many detainees resist the procedure and how many give their consent to it and he won't be. saying the majority of the detainees report compliantly and do not resist detainees are given a choice to eat a hot meal drink the liquid new trend or be fed the detainee see the choice differently take a listen to. when they come to force me into the chair if i refuse to be tied up they call the team so i have no choice either i can exercise my right to protest my detention and be beaten up or i can submit to painful force feeding for most people basically ten years are out of sight out of mind as such as it is they see physical suffering as the only way to draw the world's attention to their plight we can't hear their voices but here's what they write i'm doing this because i want to know my destiny i cannot abide not knowing anymore i just hope that because of the pain we are suffering the eyes of the world will once again look to guantanamo before it
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is too but indefinite detention is the worst form of torture respect us or kill us but your choice the u.s. must take off its mask and kill us the obama administration doesn't want inmates to die but neither is it in a rush to give the detainees their lives back in washington i'm going to check out it's been nearly eight months since the us presidential election and while there's no argument barack obama won both the popular and electoral vote the actual voting process was a challenge for many registered voters voters in several states including long lines in florida and confusing voter id requirements in pennsylvania there may never be a solution to this complicated voting system in this country but one or one a bass guitarist has a new idea to improve elections or his political commentator sam sachs has that story. the supreme court crippled the voting rights act last month removing key protections that prevent discrimination against minority voters but really the
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problems with our elections go far beyond the racial discrimination that underpin the need for the voting rights act and election reformers are trying to highlight this fact pushing for broader election reform to fundamentally change how we elect a representative government chris nervous elegant the chairman of the board at fair vote dot org insiders partisan hacks the use of this decade of demographic cartography technology and they basically carve out these districts and there are there are leaks crazy gerrymandered it's like a drunk man with a sketch you know he just just looks terrible ok and so we're so we're saying that if you pay taxes and if you're subject to the laws and rules of the land that that merits representation so everybody can have representation now the state of pennsylvania is a perfect example of what these just sketched districts look like it has eighteen congressional districts and those districts are drawn by the state legislature
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meaning they are drawn to the advantage of whichever party controls the state legislature if republicans control the state then they'll draw the districts that benefit republicans by marginalizing democratic voters that's what happened in two thousand and ten so that in two thousand and twelve elections even though democratic congressional candidates won eighty three thousand more votes than republican congressional candidates republicans still walked away picking up thirteen out of eighteen seats in the state in other words the majority of voters in pennsylvania aren't getting the representation they voted for drew spencer staff attorney with fair vote dot org currently we're using this winner take all as a most legislative bodies are elected from single seat districts so they'll be a little geographic area and you vote there and if you're not in the plurality of people that happens to. elect a candidate then you're just out of luck you basically are going to have no representation now an alternative to this current system is something called
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proportional representation or fair voting rather than eighteen gerrymandered districts in pennsylvania each choosing one representative you could have five districts with each electing between three and five representatives this way it won't be winner take all but instead candidates will be elected based on the proportion of the votes they receive under a proportional representation system and stead of focusing so much on the geographical district we're going to expand the area that's covered and allow people to in a sense district themselves with their votes so if you have a three seat district for example every third of the population will get a representative based on how they voted no longer having to win the majority of the vote these reforms could make it a lot easier for third parties to grab congressional seats that could also limit the influence of money in our elections you generally have to outspend your opponent so there's this race to the top under a fair voting fair representation voting system and stead you're going to be
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electing three four or five candidates from an area so you don't have to spend the most in the race but that might also be why there's so much opposition to election reform from the two major parties as well as the special interests that are flush with cash still the election reformers are pressing on the constitution does not specify how states have to elect their congressional representatives and in fact for the first fifty years of the country we saw states electing their congressional representatives by variety of creating that is so all congress would have to do is right now they actually require every state to live by single seat districts they don't have to do that though by changing bad statute alone it would open the door to states being able to experiment again you choose who represents you not some insight or committee drawing these gerrymandered maps and that's a powerful message now there are issues a lot sexier than election reform issues like wealth inequality anti-war civil liberties but considering how we vote underpins every other issue but maybe we
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should all pay a lot more attention to the election reformers in washington same socks are to. the hawthorne police department in california has received thousands of threats from around the globe for one of its officers was caught on camera shooting a dog the video has been viewed over one million times and has angered animal lovers and activists alike but is the animal shooting an indicator of a larger problem or the disregard of life by the department are cesar millan glenda has been following that story he brings us more. this is horrible and only. cement though at the end it was holding her dog neemo with a newfound appreciation she was one of several people who witnessed hawthorne police shoot and kill a two year old rottweiler. he i'm sorry running i was i ran right in the bathroom and i was like crying and screaming thought the police department says they shot the animal because of fear the dog would bite an officer the dog's owner a young roadie was videotaping us what operation at the time he claims his
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intention was to make sure no one civil rights were being violated but after not responding to police request to turn down because it coming from his car he was arrested for interviewing with police is during the arrest the dog jumped out of rode his car and came at the officers rosie feels police overreacted he was and this is the love and. in the us police shootings of dogs aren't uncommon with cato u.t.v. in houston found the city's department shot one hundred eighty seven dogs since two thousand and ten houston police ruled all the shootings were justified here at the scene of the shooting there still blood on the ground they use a police force has come under major scrutiny following the videotaped incident but following the death of a rottweiler named max many observers say that this incident just part of a larger trend of over aggressive policing by the parsons of a con the police conduct and how they handle situations that can be handled completely peacefully but instead they really overstep their boundaries and take
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life whether human or animal just before the dog was shot officers say they were under intense stress and that when a swat situation in another recent high profile shooting officers also cited intense stress when they mistakenly shot an unarmed civilians join a manhunt for christopher dorner the man who allegedly went on a killing rampage after being terminated from the l.a.p.d. in california has a long history of police brutality and you know on the other side of the coin you have a resistance to it. and. it has been nearly a year since the city of anaheim you rubbed it in protests following a series of police shootings. as police arsenals become more military like the videotaped shooting shows cameras will be a key tool improve any future abuse whether it's human or animal in hawthorne california. r t. that does it for now for more on the stories we've covered go
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good afternoon welcome to prime interest i'm bob english in washington d.c. here's the story we're telling today the monthly jobs numbers came out this morning and the media outlets must be channeling charles dickens because it was to the best records or the worst of reports according to the bureau of labor statistics we gained one hundred ninety five thousand jobs in june beating expectations but it's zero hedge notes most of the gains were from low quality part time jobs so what about full time jobs to us two hundred forty thousand of them or last vaporized and there's one more number in the report and this one is even more important because that's the one the fed is using to judge when it will wind down its money printing quantitative easing program and this statistic of the unemployment rate remain the same at seven point six percent the fed wants to see it head down to six point five .


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